Wealth and Values Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 7th


This is the story of a rich businessman called Mr. Balaji and his sons Gagan and Rahul. Gagan always helped his father and was a very responsible boy. But Rahul was very irresponsible, always enjoying his time with his friends.


Mr. Balaji– a rich businessman

Gagan– Mr. Balaji’s responsible son

Rahul- Mr. Balaji’s irresponsible son

Rahul Leaves Home

At Mr. Balaji’s big house, his son, Rahul, demands his portion of the property. Mr. Balaji is surprised and asks him why he suddenly wants his share. His brother, Gagan, asks the same thing, stating that they are happy together. Rahul says that he wants to visit places all over the world and be independent and happy. So, he needs his share.

Rahul collects the money and goes away. He wastes his money leading a luxurious and wasteful life and eventually he turns into a poor man. His friends do not help him when he needs money. He finally decides to go back home to his father. His father sees him coming and happily hugs him and takes him home.

Rahul Returns to his Father

Rahul stands ashamed for what he has done. He tells his father that he has made a mistake and did not deserve to be called his son. He asks him to make him a servant. His father says he is very happy to see him back home, so he should forget what has happened and begin life afresh.

Mr. Balaji calls his servants and tells them to bring Rahul the best clothes and to make a delicious meal to celebrate his return. Rahul falls at his father’s feet and says he is sorry. He has realized that money alone cannot bring satisfaction and happiness.

Gagan comes home and notices the festive atmosphere. He asks what is happening. A servant says that his brother Rahul has come back and his father is celebrating his return. Gagan gets angry and does not go in. Mr Balaji comes out and asks him to come in and join the feast. Gagan angrily says that all these years he has served and obeyed him. But he never held a feast for him.

Mr. Balaji says that it was because Gagan was always with him and all that he has was his. But his brother was lost and had come back to them. So, they should forgive Rahul as he had realized his mistakes. To make errors is human, to forgive is divine.

Gagan thinks for a while and he sees joy and happiness on his father’s face, which was not there earlier in Rahul’s absence. So, he controls his anger. He says he understands the importance of forgiveness because in forgiveness there is happiness and peace. He welcomes back his brother.


This story tells us that a parent’s love is limitless and that money is not everything in life. It also explains the power of forgiveness. To err is human, but to forgive is divine. In forgiveness there is happiness and peace.