Pandora’s Box Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 7th

Pandora’s Box

This is a story about Epimetheus and Pandora. Epimetheus lacks a companion so Mercury brings Pandora to him. They live happily until Mercury asks them to keep a box. Pandora curiously opens the box even though Epimetheus asks her not to. This unleashes ugly creatures which bring sadness and pain to the world. But at last, they find hope in the box to heal the world too.


Epimetheus- a lovely boy with everything except a companion 

Pandora– a girl that Mercury brings to be Epimetheus’s companion

Mercury– the messenger god

Epimetheus and Pandora

When the world was young, everything was bright and beautiful. There lived a lovely boy called Epimetheus during that time. He had everything except a companion.

One day he saw Mercury, the messenger god wearing a winged cap and winged heels, coming towards him. There was a beautiful girl called Pandora with him. Epimetheus joyfully welcomed Pandora.

Epimetheus and Pandora lived happily for some time. One evening, they saw Mercury again. He looked very tired and was carrying a huge box on his shoulder. Mercury would not tell them what was in the box. He only asked if he could leave it with them until he needed it again.

Pandora became curious about what was in the box. Epimetheus tried to make her leave it alone and come play with him, but she refused. When Epimetheus went out to play alone, Pandora went to the box to examine it.

Pandora Opens the Box

It was made of dark wood with a smiling head carved on top. A glittering gold string was tied around it. Pandora thought it would be okay to loosen the cord if she did not open the box. When the knot came undone, Pandora could hear whispers from the box. Sad voices asked her to have pity on them and free them from that dark prison.

Pandora really wanted to peep inside the box now. Just then she heard Epimetheus coming. She knew that he would want her to leave the box alone, so she opened the lid a little bit. 

Immediately, all kinds of ugly creatures flew out and filled the room. They stung Epimetheus and Pandora, and then flew out of the window to spread sadness and pain everywhere.

Epimetheus and Pandora had never felt sadness and pain. But after these things had stung them, they cried. Epimetheus blamed Pandora for all that was going on.

Suddenly they heard a sweet voice from the box which told them it would heal their wounds if they let it out. Epimetheus asked Pandora to open the box because there may be some good fairy who would help them.

It was good that she opened the box, because a little fairy, called Hope, spread her white wings, and came out. She touched all their wounds gently and then flew quickly through the open window, out into the world, to do the same thing for others.


This story shows us the dangers of being too curious. But it also tells us that no matter how bad a situation gets, hope persists.