Avoid Plastics Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 7th

Avoid Plastics

This chapter talks about how plastic harms the environment. We must try to avoid plastic to reduce the risks that it poses to the planet. Reducing the use of plastic is the only way to avoid the pollution it causes.

The Origin of Plastic

Plastic is everywhere and has become a part of our life. Alexander Parkes created the first man-made plastic which he named Parkesine.

Plastic is commonly used because it is cheap, long-lasting and easy to make. It can be shaped into any form by heating and it stays in that same form when cooled. It can be made into thin and light material that is used to make hard and disposable carry bags or packing materials.

Because it is cheap, people throw away plastic everywhere. It stays on the earth’s surface for many years as it is long-lasting and non-biodegradable. This makes plastic dangerous for the environment.

Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution happens a lot in big cities because of migration. Plastic causes serious damage to the environment during both its production and its disposal. To reduce the risks, plastic usage should be reduced. The chemical that is used to make plastics is poisonous and can cause serious damage to all living beings.

Recycling of plastic causes problems too. Recycling degrades the quality of plastic and increases production. A single plastic sheet takes about thousand years to rot. It also has a bad impact on the food chain. Plastic is one of the causes of global warming.

Rivers are the main dumping ground for plastics. This pollutes water, the air we breathe, and also harms marine life.

Those who profit from plastics try to dispute the harm it causes. We can’t completely stop the use of plastic, but we can minimize its production. The use of plastic should be minimized for a healthy future.


This chapter tells us why it is time to say no to plastic. It causes pollution and seriously harms the environment. So, we should try to avoid it at all costs.