Suvarnasiddhi and Chakradhara Lesson and Summary Explanation in English Class 7th

The Berunda

The story” Suvarnasiddhu and Chakkradhara “is comprised of two different narrations.

The story begins with Suvarnasiddhi narrating a story to his friend,Chakradhara about a big strange bird,Berunda who had two heads. One day the first head found a fruit as delicious as Ambrosia and thought that the heavens had sent it for him. The other head felt like eating the fruit but the first head refused to give him as it wanted to give it to their beloved wife Tatillatha.

On this the second head was disappointed and was waiting for a chance to take a revenge. Finally, a time came for the second head to take revenge by eating a poisonous fruit which ended in demise of both the heads. Through this small story, the readers get the moral that taking revenge unnecessarily may result to one’s own doom so it is better to let those things go, which does not matter much.

The Crab

The other story is about Brahmadatta who lived in a city called Varanavarta.When he was planning to go to another village, his mother advices him to not to travel alone. She, at last gave a crab kept in camphor box to carry with him. Being exhausted, he halted and took rest under the tree. By the fragrance of camphor, a snake emerged from the hollow of the tree and swallowed the box containing the crab.

The crab came out of the box and killed the snake. When Brahmadatta woke up he saw crab alive and a dead snake infront of him. He realised that it was none other than the crab,which had saved him. From this he came to know that obeying his mother’s words saved him from death.