The Wonder Bowl Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 7th


This story talks about an old couple who are poor but kind. They offer food and shelter to some tired looking travellers. But it turns out their guests are no ordinary people.


Philemon and Baucis– an old couple who are poor but kind

The guests– the old couple’s guests who turn out to be angels

The Old Couple’s Guests

The old couple, Philemon and Baucis, lived in a hut. They worked hard in their farm and were very kind. They welcomed any guest with joy and shared their own meal with him.

One evening, they heard the barking of dogs and shouting of boys in the village. Philemon saw two strangers at whom the village boys shouted and the dogs barked. He said he would go and bring them and told his wife to find some food to give them.

He welcomed the newcomers and took them into his cottage and sat them at the table. They looked very tired. Baucis placed a small bowl of milk on the table because that was all they had.

She wished they had come earlier so they could have shared their supper. One of the guests told her not to worry because they were pleased with their kindness. Baucis poured the milk from the bowl into two cups.

Angels in Disguise

The guests drank the milk and then one of them asked for some more. Baucis said there was no more milk in the bowl. But the guest said there was as much as they wanted and filled both their cups.

Baucis was very surprised. She whispered to her husband that they were not ordinary men. Philemon said they must be angels from heaven who had come to bless them.

The guests thanked her for her kindness and wished her bowl would always be full of milk. Then they went to bed. The guests woke up early next morning and got ready to go.

Philemon and Baucis walked out with them for a short distance. They said they were God’s messengers and were much pleased with their kindness. They told them to ask for anything and they would have it.

The old couple said they wished to die together. The angels said it would be so. Philemon and Baucis were surprised to see their poor cottage turned to a grand mansion. When they turned round to thank the angels, they were gone. They prayed to God and lived in their mansion doing good to everyone.


The old couple’s kindness gets them the blessing of the angels. They lead a happy and comfortable life after that. We must also try to be kind to everyone.