Orlando Analysis by Virginia Woolf

Primary Interest of Narrator Orlando the protagonist has many qualities like a handsome noble, poet, patron of art, ambassador, a temporary coma person, and changes to a woman. Orlando is the primary interest of the narrator. Orlando’s history of his family background, his tradition, his life, his poetic sense is clearly described over here. Orlando’s … Read more

The “Consumable” Universe of Palahniuk’s “Fight Club”: A Novel Review

Introduction Speaking of Palahniuk’s Fight Club, one of the most prominent literary pieces, we’re sure that its role is mostly underestimated. The crucial point is that Palahniuk’s Fight Club has raised awareness over countless societal issues, including ones pertaining to social relations of modernity. Anti-Consumerist or Pro-Consumerist? It is often speculated that Palahniuk included somewhat … Read more

Where Shall We Go This Summer Summary by Anita Desai

Pregnant Sita This is a story that highlights the gulf between the life of modern-day technopolis and conservative village life. The differences between the two often create a very different culture and breeding grounds for people and affect how they behave and what things they value. The main character of the story is named Sita … Read more

The Fun They Had Summary by Isaac Asimov

A Story of Future The story is an interesting look at the future of education and its technological dependence in times to come. Margie and Tommy are two young students who live in the 22nd Century. They are taught at home by a mechanically driven computer or teaching bot. It is geared to their learning … Read more

The Garden Party Summary by Katherine Mansfield

Introduction The protagonist of the story The Garden Party is Laura who cherishes lofty principles of compassion and care. Laura’s family includes her mother, Mrs Sheridan, her sister, Jose, her father, Mr Sheridan and her brother, Laurie. Apart from his brother all her family members are spoiled by their wealth and are insensitive to the pain … Read more

I’ll be gone in the dark: Book Review

All you bibliophiles out there, get yourself a comfortable corner of the room, a cup of coffee, and get your reading hats on! We’ve got for you, the perfect pick for a weekend binge reading. If you are a crime thriller fan, then I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the … Read more

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Short Summary in English

Introduction Based on the tale of the physical, the moral and psychological transition of a young boy into a young man, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain is regarded as one of the most popular American fictions in the 19th century. Appealing to both young and adults alike, the novel revolves around the … Read more

The Rainbow by DH Lawrence Summary

The rainbow is a controversial novel by DH Lawrence that was banned in England. The novel revolves around the story of three generations of Brangwen family that reside at marsh farms. Beginning The word Brangwen means bright friend. The story is in chronological form-from primitive and self-sufficiency into the interdependence of a community. In the … Read more