Courage to Soar Novel Summary and Line by Line Explanation in English


“Courage to Soar: A Body in Motion, A Life in Balance” is an autobiographical novel written by Simone Biles. It traces the trajectory of Biles’ life, right from her childhood in foster care to her rise to international fame as an Olympic gold medalist.

About the Author:

Simone Biles (1997–) is one of the greatest gymnasts of all time. She has won multiple awards in the Olympics, the year 2016 in particular. This is the sole novel she has written and is well-received by critics. 


Early Life:

The book begins with Simone Biles’ early years. It details on her time in foster care and her adoption by her grandparents. Biles talks about how her love for gymnastics began at a young age and how she managed to turn her passion into a successful career.

The Hurdles:

She then proceeds to share the struggles she faced along the way, including injuries, setbacks, and mental health challenges. She also talks about the importance of having a support system and the role that her family, coaches, and teammates played in her success.

Throughout the book, Biles, in fact, provides insights into the world of competitive gymnastics, from the gruelling training regimen to the pressure of competing on the global platform– the Olympics. She also talks about her experiences with discrimination and body shaming in the sport, and how she has used her platform to speak out against these issues.


In addition to her athletic achievements, Biles also shares her personal journey of self-discovery and growth, including her decision to speak out about her experience with sexual abuse at the hands of former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar.


“Courage to Soar” is a powerful story of resilience, determination, and courage. It aims to inspire one to pursue their dreams and aspirations come what may. It thus provides one with, as the title aptly puts “courage to soar”.