Recitatif Short Story by Toni Morrison Summary and Analysis in English

Introduction Toni Morrison’s only short story, “Recitatif,” appeared in Confirmation: An Anthology of African American Women in 1983. The plot revolves around two girls who meet at a shelter for neglected and orphaned children, with race playing an important part. Morrison leaves readers wondering about their assumptions about the ethnicities of the characters by keeping … Read more

Miss Brill Short Story by Katherine Mansfield Summary and Analysis in English

Introduction The short story “Miss Brill” was written by Katherine Mansfield, a modernist author born in New Zealand (1888–1923). The story was first released in the Athenaeum in 1920, and it was later collected by Mansfield in The Garden Party and Other Stories, published in 1922. This book, along with T. S. Eliot’s The Waste … Read more

Kew Gardens Short Story by Virginia Woolf Summary and Analysis

Introduction The short story “Kew Gardens” was written by Virginia Woolf, an English novelist. It was initially made available to the general public in 1921 in the collection Monday or Tuesday, after which it was included in the posthumous collection A Haunted House (1944). It was first published privately in 1919. Its visual arrangement has … Read more

Memoirs of a Yellow Dog by O’Henry Short Story Summary and Analysis

Introduction Memoirs of a Yellow Dog is a short story published in 1906 by American writer O’Henry.  The story emphasizes the meaninglessness of life, the emptiness of emotions, and loveless marriages. It focuses on the American middle class, particularly in New York. It is the memoir of a yellow dog. He talks about his owners, … Read more

Good Country People Short Story by Flannery O’Connor Summary and Analysis

Introduction The short story “Good Country People” was written by Flannery O’Connor. It was released in 1955 as part of her collection of short stories, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” which is recognized as an exemplary piece of Southern Gothic literature. The importance of religion in Southern society is reflected in O’Connor’s work, … Read more

I Stand Here Ironing Short Story by Tillie Olsen Summary and Analysis

Introduction Tillie Olsen’s 1956 short story ‘I Stand Here Ironing’ was initially published in Prairie Schooner under the title ‘Help Her to Believe’. It was republished under its more famous title in Olsen’s 1961 collection Tell Me a Riddle. The story is presented in the style of a monologue spoken by a woman ironing clothes … Read more

Nagamandala Play by Girish Karnad Summary

In this short story, Girish Karnad narrates a love story between two women Rani and Nagamandala. The story is set in the Indian subcontinent of the early 20th century. The main character of the story, Rani lives in a house with her mother. She lives in a small room which is very close to the … Read more

Beyond The Bayou & The Garden Party – A Comparative Study

BEYOND THE BAYOU by Kate Chopin and THE GARDEN PARTY by Katherine Mansfield are two of the most significant short stories in the history of English Literature. Both the stories portray post-war traumas, psychological conflicts, the hollowness of the society, Class conflicts, racism, interior monologues, nonlinear storytelling technique that make them modernist in approach and … Read more