Prayer Before Birth Summary And Line By Line Analysis By Louis MacNeice

Introduction During World War II, Anglo-Irish poet Louis MacNeice wrote the poem “Prayer Before Birth,” which was originally published in his 1944 collection Springboard. The speaker, an unborn kid, expresses tremendous wisdom regarding humanity’s propensity for self-destruction and violence while praying for future direction and protection from the tragedies of the modern world. In the … Read more

Eating Together Poem Summary And Line By Line Analysis By Li-Young Lee

Introduction: ‘Eating Together’ is a short poem written by Li-Young Lee. It revolves around the demise of a loved one, and how it deeply affects those surrounding them.  About the Poet: Li-Young Lee (1957-) is a prominent American poet. He is famed for being the great-grandson of Yuan Shikai, China’s first Republican President. Famous works … Read more

In Just Poem Summary And Line By Line Analysis By Edward Estling Cummings

Introduction: ‘In Just’ is a short poem written by e.e. cummings. Written in his signature style, this Modernist poem delves into the beauty of Spring season.  About the Poet: Edward Estling Cummings (1894-1962) was a prominent American poet. In addition, he was also an essayist, playwright, and interestingly enough, painter. Famous works of his include … Read more

The New Colossus Poem Summary And Line By Line Analysis By Emma Lazarus

Introduction The poem depicts the “new colossus” as a patron saint of immigrants rather than a representation of military strength by drawing comparisons between the Statue of Liberty and the classical Greek Colossus of Rhodes. The statue’s function and the poem’s upbeat, unironic tone present an idealized view of America’s position on the global stage … Read more

Is This A Dagger Which I See Before Me Summary And Line By Analysis By William Shakespeare

Introduction Shakespeare’s “Is This A Dagger Which I See Before Me” is one of his most well-known soliloquies. It first appears in Act Scene 1 of his well-known tragedy “Macbeth,” as it becomes clear why he killed Duncan: to claim the throne. The soliloquy portrays his self-control being overpowered by the act he is going … Read more

An American Sunrise Poem Summary And Line By Line Analysis By Laureate Joy Harjo

Introduction Joy Harjo’s poem “An American Sunrise” explores Native American culture and the constant battle to preserve it in the face of modern life. About The Poet Author, musician, and current American Poet Laureate Joy Harjo is a Muskogee (Creek) Nation citizen who was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her seventh collection of poems, An American … Read more

10 Poetic Devices with Examples and Definition

In literature, a poetic device is a technique that creates a specific effect in a poem. There are many different poetic devices, and they can be used in different ways to create different effects. In this blog post, we will explore 10 different poetic devices, with their definitions & examples. S.No. Poetic Device Definition Examples … Read more