One Flea Spare Play Summary and Notes in English

Introduction: “One Flea Spare” is a play written by Naomi Wallace. It is set in 1665 during the outbreak of the bubonic plague in London and raises questions about class, morality, and the value of human life. About the Author: Naomi Wallace (1960-) is a notable American playwright. In addition, she is also a screenwriter … Read more

The Proposal Characters by Anton Chekov

Natalya  She is a young and beautiful woman. She is good at homemaking and also intelligent in other affairs. However, she is also argumentative and often gets into petty quarrels. She is also aware of her loneliness and longs for Ivan. She wants to marry him and loves him immensely. She is proud of her … Read more

The Proposal Summary by Anton Chekhov

Story of 2 Neighbours The story about two neighbors named Stephan and Ivan. Stephan is an old man who lives with his young daughter Natalya. Ivan has lands besides Stephan’s and has disputes over the meadows. However, one evening Ivan comes to meet Stephan in his house. He is also dressed up and Stephan asks … Read more

The Country Wife Themes by William Wycherly

Hedonism & Immorality  Most of the characters in the story exhibit the vices associated with immoral conduct and debauchery. Married women like Margery and Lady Fidget harbor affection for men other than their husbands and are willing to lie in order to save their immoral behavior. Horner, himself, concocts an elaborate ruse to lull innocent women into … Read more

The Country Wife Summary by William Wycherley

A Flirtatious Man This story is about debauchery, extramarital affairs, and deception. The protagonist is a flirtatious man named Horner who loves to woo married women in particular. Due to his stained reputation, he conspires with a doctor to declare that he has become impotent and is harmless to any married woman. Hearing the news, … Read more

The Dear Departed Summary by Stanley Houghton

Introduction The story of Dear Departed depicts the sad reality of the modern nuclear families that are strained with selfish interests and individual desires. Reflecting the society at large, the tale takes place at the house of the Slaters. Mrs. Slater is one of two daughters of Mr. Abel Merryweather who lives with her. The other daughter Elizabeth and … Read more

Mother’s Day Summary by J. B. Priestley

Introduction The story of Mother’s Day revolves around the sacrifices and selfless devotion that a mother gives in order to nurture and nourish a happy and healthy home. The mother in the story, Mrs. Pearson is one such woman. She struggles all day to fulfill every whim and fancy of her husband and children, a daughter named … Read more

The Browning Version Summary by Terence Rattigan

Introduction The story of The Browning Version by Terence Rattigan is inspired by the author’s own experience of school and its teachers. The text is based around the relationships between teachers and pupils and among teachers themselves. The story, The Browning Version also touches on the notions of fidelity, appreciation, honesty, and truthfulness. Taplow’s Promotion Issue The main characters … Read more