Alcohol Word Search [with answer key]

Drug and alcohol abuse is a serious problem that affects millions of people worldwide. It can lead to devastating consequences, including addiction, health problems, and even death. As such, it is important to educate ourselves and our loved ones about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. One effective way to do this is through … Read more

Abraham Lincoln Word Search [with answer key]

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most celebrated figures in American history. His legacy as the 16th President of the United States has been immortalized in countless books, movies, and television shows. But did you know that there’s now a fun and interactive way to learn more about this iconic figure? Introducing the Abraham Lincoln … Read more

Beyond The Bayou & The Garden Party – A Comparative Study

BEYOND THE BAYOU by Kate Chopin and THE GARDEN PARTY by Katherine Mansfield are two of the most significant short stories in the history of English Literature. Both the stories portray post-war traumas, psychological conflicts, the hollowness of the society, Class conflicts, racism, interior monologues, nonlinear storytelling technique that make them modernist in approach and … Read more

No Men are Foreign Poem Summary by James Kirkup

Introduction The poem No Men are Foreign written by James Kirkup is about universal brotherhood, love, harmony and equality. In this poem, the poet says that we all live on the same earth, have same body, emotions, food etc. There is no difference between us. Hence we should never consider people from other nations as … Read more

The Rain Poem Summary by W.H. Davies

Introduction The poem The Rain is written by W.H. Davies who spent his life as a tramp or hobo (a person who is homeless, poor and travels from one place to other round the year. W.H. Before going to the poem, we need to understand a little bit background of the poet first. Davies was … Read more

Wind Poem Summary by Subramania Bharati Class 9

Introduction The poem Wind was written by Subramania Bharati in Tamil language and was later on translated into English by A.K. Ramanujan. In this poem, the poet talks about the wind, its cruelty and then advises the readers to make themselves as well as their houses strong enough because the harshness of the wind makes … Read more

The Tale of Custard the Dragon Summary

Introduction The Tale of Custard the Dragon is a 14-stanza ballad which tells about a dragon which was coward initially but proved to be courageous and brave. In the poem, Belinda is a girl who has many pets including a cat, a mouse, a dog, a wagon and a dragon. All the animals had their … Read more

Where the Mind is Without Fear Analysis by Rabindranath Tagore

Introduction Where the Mind is Without Fear written by Rabindranath Tagore is a patriotic poem and also a prayer which was written at the time when British were ruling over India and the latter was struggling for independence. This poem was originally written in Bengali Language with the title Chitto Jetha Bhayshunyo. You can read … Read more