10 Lines on Classroom

A classroom is a place in the school where students sit to learn knowledge. Every school has one room for each class. In our school, we have a very large classroom. There are 45 students in our class.  All the teachers are friendly and love us. They also teach us good habits and manners We … Read more

10 Lines on Tailor

A tailor is also known as a seamster (male), or a seamstress (female). A tailor is an important part of our society. He makes our clothes and most women. He has a sewing machine, scissors, inch-tape, scale, chalks and several clothes and pieces of clothes. Tailors create beautiful and attractive designs. They can design all types of … Read more

10 Lines on Library

A library is a place where a lot of books are kept for reading. Every school, college, and the university has its own library.  There are all types of books including science, literature, famous personalities, economics, commerce, etc. Students love to visit the library and read books. In our school, there is also a big … Read more

10 Lines on Solar System

Our solar system consists of 1 sun which is a star. It is a part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Our Solar System is about 4.6 billion years old. Around the sun 8 main planets revolve in their particular axis. These 8 Planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Some of the … Read more

5 Lines on Rabbit

A rabbit is a small animal. It is a domestic animal. Many people love to tame them. It is herbivorous i.e. it eats grass, leaves and other such things, It cannot eat flesh. It has two long ears, two eyes, a nose, very sharp teeth, and four legs. It has soft fur on its body … Read more

5 Lines on Pencil

A pencil is a very important tool for us. It is made up of wood, or the outer part and graphite or the inner part.  The graphite in the pencil is the part that draws or writes. It is black in color and a good conductor of heat and electricity. It can also have other … Read more

5 Lines on Pizza

Pizza is one of my favorite dishes. It is originally from Italy and now eaten in most of the countries. There are many types of Pizzas with different flavors and tastes. I love Veg-pizza with extra cheese. There are many famous brands like Dominos, PizzaHut which make pizzas. People of all ages like Pizza. One … Read more

5 Lines on Octopus

An octopus is an aquatic animal i.e. it lives under the water. It cannot live without water. If it is taken out, it will die. An octopus eight flexible arms, one head, and two eyes. It has strong eyesight but very low hearing. The arms of the octopus have suckers that can hold and trap … Read more

5 Lines on My Teacher

I’m a student of 7th standard. There are many teachers in my school who teach us different subjects. However, I like my Computer teacher very much. She is is very smart, active and dedicated. She teaches us the basics of computers in easy words. She has taught us many Computer Languages like HTML, CSS, and … Read more

5 Lines on Nurse

A nurse is a trained healthcare worker who serves patients in hospitals. She is very dedicated and hard-working. She has many responsibilities which she does with honesty. A nurse treats all types of patients including those infected by diseases and also those who meet with an accident. She works as a doctor’s assistant and obeys … Read more