10 Lines on Library

  1. A library is a place where a lot of books are kept for reading.
  2. Every school, college, and the university has its own library. 
  3. There are all types of books including science, literature, famous personalities, economics, commerce, etc.
  4. Students love to visit the library and read books.
  5. In our school, there is also a big library. There are hundreds of books.
  6. We go to the library in the vacant periods and read books.
  7. There always remains pin-drop silence. Nobody is allowed to talk in the library. 
  8. The librarian is very friendly and helps us in finding the books we look for.
  9. I love reading literature. It helps me enrich my knowledge and know about the past.
  10. Some of my friends like science while some other history. We are proud of our school library and love it very much.