10 Lines Essay on Childhood Memories in English for Students

  1. My childhood memories are filled with both good and bad. 
  2.  As I look back on my childhood memories, I am thankful for my teachers for being so patient with me.
  3. I was faced with bullies as well during my 2nd grade however that made me voice and stand up.
  4. I am remembered of my birthday celebrations, especially of my 13th birthday celebration that I had with my closest six friends.
  5. My memories are also occupied with the scolding and beatings of teachers when I forget my homeworks.
  6. I also remembered failing on my maths test along with the rest of the class and it was a time where we had to all stand up for the whole week for that particular class.
  7. My childhood memories were gold to me especially because of my grandmother who.is no longer here with me.
  8. The memories that I have are so precious because it taught me so many lessons of life.
  9. The memories made me realise the importance of people.
  10. It taught me things that money couldn’t have bought and I am so thankful for having all the bad, painful, happy and good memories.