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Do you have a Bachelors, Masters or Doctors degree in English Literature, Linguistics or Language? We can help you earn a handsome amount by writing summaries and analysis of literary works, creating slides, videos, and even quizzes.

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  • Bachelors/Masters Degree in English Language/Literature
  • Good Writing Skills
  • Knowledge of English Ages, Important Writers, and Works
  • Ample knowledge of English Poetry
  • Advanced Approach Towards Literature
  • Candidates from India must possess the knowledge of Indian English Literature.

Our Rates

  • For a well summarised and analyzed and unique article, we pay 0.8/- INR per word. (Rs. 400/- for 500 words article).
  • For a well, prepared and visually enhanced 10 pages slide we pay 200/- INR.
  • For a 5-minute slide video, we pay 300/- INR.

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