Active-Passive Voices

Voice is one of the most interesting topics in English grammar. It is relatively easy to learn once you fully understand what Voice is and what type of rules it follows. First we need to know the definition of Voice to get a clear understanding of the topic. 

What is voice?

Voice in English grammar is concerned with the verb of a sentence. Voice tells us whether the verb of a sentence is in active or passive form. It reveals the connection between Subject and Object of a sentence. 

Voice can be divided into two types –

  • Active Voice
  • Passive Voice

Examples of Voice in Active and Passive Form

Active VoicePassive Voice
Asians eat rice.Rice is eaten by Asians.
Gardeners tend flowers.Flowers are tended by Gardeners.
Why you did not do the work?Why was the work not done by you?
Let him tell the story.Let the story be told by him.
Belgium produces best quality chocolate in the world.Best quality Chocolate in the world is produced by Belgium.
Mother gave me my allowance for the month.My allowance for the month was given to me by Mother.
I bought a dress.A dress was bought by me.
You wrote a letter to the authority.A letter to authority was written by you.
I was doing my homework.My homework was being done by me.
He had made the dinner for us.The dinner for us had been made by him.