What are the 5 characteristics of poetry?

The characteristics of poetry can vary depending on different perspectives and definitions. However, here are five commonly recognized characteristics of poetry: These characteristics are not exhaustive, and there are other aspects and forms of poetry that can be explored. Poetry is a rich and diverse art form, offering various styles, structures, and techniques that contribute … Read more

Hemingway Code Hero Essay

Introduction Almost omnipresent in each of Hemingway’s works, the central characters of the story possess an all enduring human, preferably a man, who strives to correctly, who follows the ideals of honor and courage, perseverance and endurance in a world that is extremely disorganized, most stressful, and plainly morbid and painful. What is Hemingway’s Code … Read more

Types of Comedy in Drama

From visually stimulating to sophisticated and literary refined, Comedy as a genre has numerous different forms of types. With the passage of time, some forms become less popular as the acceptance and popularity of some new form goes up. Therefore, when classifying comedies we start with the classical forms of it: Types of Comedy Low … Read more

Elements of a Comedy in Literature

What is Comedy? Having roots in the Latin word ‘Comedia’ which means to reveal some information while singing. Well to most people the definition of comedy is a lot different. Even though the element so revelation and song may be included, they are not fundamental to every piece of comic work.  In fact, today comedy is … Read more

6 Types of Satire in English Literature: Definitions & Examples

What constitutes a Satire? Satire in literature is a form of writing that provides a critique of the existing conditions in society, people, economy, governance etc. It highlights the flaws, hypocrisy, corruption, immorality, vices etc to help provide a passage for the betterment of society. It uses humour, scathing assessments, analogy, irony etc to produce … Read more

6 Elements of Fiction

Introduction Fiction employs inventive ways to present any tale as a portal to a created reality and asks the reader to indulge in it without questioning its veracity. It can be anything from writing like novels, short stories, plays, comics, animations, games, etc. In this article, we will discuss 6 Elements of Fiction Theme The theme is the controlling idea or purpose behind a fiction story. It is the threads of all the characters … Read more