Importance of Goals in Life Essay

Everyone should have goals in life. Goals make life beautiful. When you have a goal, you live for that goal and put effort each day to achieve it. And when you achieve that goal, it brings you unlimited happiness.  Goals can be long term as well as short term both. For example, a short term … Read more

The Monkey’s Paw Characters

Sergeant-Morris He is a strapping army officer with a penchant for storytelling and traveling. He is intrigued by the mysterious and exotic things and especially loves his stays in India. He is the one who brings the paw and is most likely the last person to use it before Mr. White. He is aware of … Read more

Major Themes in The Monkey’s Paw by W.W. Jacobs

Consequences Every action or word has a consequence that may or may not be desirable. That is an inviolable reality and the great the magnitude of action, greater is the magnitude of consequence. In the story, the characters meddle with great powers that are inexplicable and end paying consequences that life-altering. The first possessor ended … Read more

The Monkey’s Paw Analysis by W.W. Jacobs

This is a horror-fiction that employs third-person voice for narration. It is filled with dread, foreboding, tragedy and a sense of loss and desolation. The main conflict in the story is between Mr. White’s desire to fulfill his wishes and the monkey’s paw that can either be his prosperity or ruin his family and life. … Read more

The Last Lesson Themes by Alphonse Daudet

School & Learning The story also emphasizes the need for education and learning through schools and otherwise. Mr. Hamel in his final lecture prioritizes the point learning and disseminating knowledge. He believes knowledge is the real power than can uplift and empower the defenseless people of Alsace. Franz also realizes the error of his ways when he … Read more

The Last Lesson Summary by Alphonse Daudet

Introduction Set in the Prussian occupied part of France, this story highlights the virtues of culture, language, and nationalism. It reiterates the fact that unless people learn and preserve their own culture and language, they cannot stop it from being erased and dominated by other cultures and languages. Franz – A Lazy Boy The story … Read more

The Duchess and The Jeweller Summary by Virginia Woolf

Introduction The story is a strong rebuke (criticism) of the aristocratic society that celebrates the vices of materialism, lust, greed, and opportunism. The class-based society encourages and rewards people who are willing to do anything to gain an advantage in life. The society has different levels with the rich occupying the topmost level. They try … Read more