The Monkey’s Paw Characters


He is a strapping army officer with a penchant for storytelling and traveling. He is intrigued by the mysterious and exotic things and especially loves his stays in India.

He is the one who brings the paw and is most likely the last person to use it before Mr. White. He is aware of the powers of the paw and warns the Whites about the consequences of playing with a thing that knows nothing about or meddling with fate and magic.

Mrs. White

She is the loving wife and doting mother in the story. She is well informed and intrigued by Morris’s stories about his travels. He is more accepting of the paw’s magical powers but later regrets her desire to use it.

He loses all her calm and sanity when he hears about her son’s painful end. She doesn’t blame her husband but coerces him to use the cursed paw to resurrect her dead son.

Without worrying about the consequences, she rushes to the door to welcome her son and is saved by the urgency and quick wit of her repentant husband.

Herbert White

He is the humorous and vital young son of Mr. and Mrs. White. He finds it difficult to believe the magical powers of the cursed paw and rubbishes his uncle’s tales as folklore.

However, he urges his father to ask for the kingship of the world or at least for enough money to pay off their debt. Unfortunately, the wish gets granted at the cost of his life as he meets with a painful and horrifying accident at work.

In the end, we cannot be sure if it is he who comes back to the house or some other form of evil monstrosity as his father wishes for it to be nullified.

Mr. White

The man of the house, Mr. White is a repentant man. He realizes his mistake of using the paw for selfish needs. He feels responsible for the tragic death of his young son and does not want to invite more devastation to his family.

Therefore, he uses his third wish to cancel his second one and probably saves his wife for a painful end. He also seems to be fascinated with travel and diverse cultures of the World and wishes to visit the Indian subcontinent.