Importance of Goals in Life Essay

Everyone should have goals in life. Goals make life beautiful. When you have a goal, you live for that goal and put effort each day to achieve it. And when you achieve that goal, it brings you unlimited happiness. 

Goals can be long term as well as short term both. For example, a short term goal can be completing your homework, finishing some work on time, scoring good marks in a class test, cleaning your room, etc.

A long term goal can be learning an instrument, a career goal like becoming a doctor, teacher, engineer, learning how to drive, buying a house or a car of your own, etc. 

The long term goals play important roles in life because of the time involved and we choose our career goal. Choosing a particular career affects our lives the most during the struggle of achieving it and also once we achieve.

For example, you want to become a doctor. It will require hard work of at least 5 years. Also, when you will become one and treat people, it will affect your life in many ways. Profession decides the way of your life. So one should choose a career goal wisely keeping interests and choices in mind. 

The goals vary from individual to individual but there are some goals that should be common to all. For example, serving society by helping others, working for the growth of your nation, fulfilling parent’s expectations and respecting them and to become a good human being. Such day to day goals helps people to perform better in life.