Kew Gardens Short Story by Virginia Woolf Summary and Analysis

Introduction The short story “Kew Gardens” was written by Virginia Woolf, an English novelist. It was initially made available to the general public in 1921 in the collection Monday or Tuesday, after which it was included in the posthumous collection A Haunted House (1944). It was first published privately in 1919. Its visual arrangement has … Read more

Orlando Analysis by Virginia Woolf

Primary Interest of Narrator Orlando the protagonist has many qualities like a handsome noble, poet, patron of art, ambassador, a temporary coma person, and changes to a woman. Orlando is the primary interest of the narrator. Orlando’s history of his family background, his tradition, his life, his poetic sense is clearly described over here. Orlando’s … Read more

The Duchess and The Jeweller Summary by Virginia Woolf

Introduction The story is a strong rebuke (criticism) of the aristocratic society that celebrates the vices of materialism, lust, greed, and opportunism. The class-based society encourages and rewards people who are willing to do anything to gain an advantage in life. The society has different levels with the rich occupying the topmost level. They try … Read more