Orlando Analysis by Virginia Woolf

Primary Interest of Narrator

Orlando the protagonist has many qualities like a handsome noble, poet, patron of art, ambassador, a temporary coma person, and changes to a woman. Orlando is the primary interest of the narrator.

Orlando’s history of his family background, his tradition, his life, his poetic sense is clearly described over here. Orlando’s sex changes in the mid-way of the novel is an important change develops in his character. She starts rebuilding herself, making a female version of Orlando.

Compromise With Gender

In fact, it’s her new discovery of her poetic desires, During the Victorian age, she needs a husband to continue to write. She proves to be a real woman. Orlando winds up and king compromises to her gender.

She publishes “The Oak Tree”. Her changes reflect on her writings also. The drama she wrote changes to an epic poem. This also shows her literary style. During the Victorian age, she is a bit unfaithful towards her marriage.

Love with Shel

She is in love with nature “Shel”. She marries Shel on her own terms. Now Orlando changes into a deep, reflective woman. As she passes through many ages and realizes many experiences of life, she understands that she is a part of nature and not deathless.

Finally, by maturing and reaching middle age, Orlando finds that she has gained everything she was looking for i.e. life and love.

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