Short Speech on Farewell for Students in English

Respected Principal, teachers, and my dear friends. Very good morning to all of you. Today, with heavy heart, I am here to present my speech on farewell as for many of our seniors, it is the last day of their school.

It is happy as well as a sad moment for many of us here. We are sad because goodbyes are not easy. We are happy too as you all will be starting a new life after school. Some of you will be anxious too for the upcoming board exams. I will take this opportunity to wish you all luck!

I would like to share that our school is one of the best schools in this whole city and we have a lot of expectations from all of you to do well in the exams and make us feel proud.

In previous years, most of the students have passed this examination with flying colors. We are sure that this time also the students will hold the record. I am not going to take much time of yours and will take this opportunity to share my personal experience which I felt throughout the time in the school.

As I am an active member of different clubs of this school, I want to share that I have never experienced any kind of bullying or raging from our seniors. I believe that our seniors have always been very cooperative with us and helped us to grow and learn in different fields. They have always been guiding light for us.

To make this day special, we also took the help of our seniors. I think this day’s decoration and other preparations were not possible without them. I would like to thank all of you who put their contribution and efforts to make this day special.

Also, I would like to suggest our seniors to not to worry about your future and enjoy this day to the fullest. You all have always made our school proud and we know that in the future also, you all will do very well.

Thank you.