Short Speech on My School in English

Good Morning respected principal, teachers and my dear friends.

Today on this special occasion, I will be presenting a speech on – ‘My School’.

Can we really imagine our lives without school?

School is a very special place where we all learn, play and grow together. It is just like our second home. Imagine how dull our lives would be if there were no schools. I consider my school as a temple of learning.

It has taught me to differentiate between right and wrong, to enjoy what I read, the importance of education and learning, to be kind, to respect my elders, to love my friends, to be grateful for everything, etc. My school has given me so much.

My school is not only best in making us a learned person but also in all the fields. There are endless extra-curricular activities in my school. From art and craft to cooking. My school has provided me with all the opportunities to learn and grow.

I think no school has better sports culture than ours. Our school students do exceptionally well in inter-school competitions and at the international level competitions. I believe we are very lucky to be a part of this school.

Who would not like to stay forever in a school like ours?

We have picnics, field visits, foreign trips, historical places visits, etc. Our school makes each day full of excitement for us.

Lastly, I would like to thank all my teachers and staff who worked together to create a friendly, safe and complete environment for our growth. You made our journey of learning, easy and funfilled. My school became a special place because of you all.

Thank you for lending me your ears.