What is Ode Poem

Read this article to know what is ode poem. What is Ode Poem The word ‘Ode’ comes from the Greek word ‘aeidein’ meaning ‘to sing’ or ‘chant’. An Ode is a lyric poem in praise of something or someone. Originally it was accompanied by music & dance but later it was reserved by the Romantic … Read more

What is Lyric Poem in English

What is Lyric Poetry A lyric poem is any fairly short poem uttered by a single speaker, who expresses a state of mind or a process of thought or feeling. Originally, the lyric was used to be sung to the accompaniment of a lyre. The chief quality of a lyric poem is its emotional intensity. … Read more

Comedy of Manners in English literature

Introduction This genre refers to English Comedies written and performed in the Restoration Period from 1660 A.D. to 1710 A.D. It is an entertainment form which satirizes the manners and affections of social class or of multiple classes. A manner is a method in which everyday duties are performed. As compared to the tragedy of … Read more

Sentimental Comedy | Definition and Characteristics

Introduction In the 1800s, in Britain, a new form of drama emerged, known as The Sentimental Comedy of 18th century was, in fact, a reaction against the Comedy of Manners which was popular during the Restoration Period. The Comedy of Manners was characterized by light-hearted fun, rude and severe dialogues. The aim of the writers … Read more

Existentialism in Literature | Meaning and Characteristics

Introduction Existentialism is a movement of 20th-century literature that focuses on the individual and his or her relationship with the universe or God. This existentialist tag has been applied to writers, philosophers, visual artist and film-makers; the movement flourished in Europe. Existentialism Examples The main idea of Existentialism is to do whatever you want to do. Means there is a … Read more

Examples of Genres in English Language

Read this post to know about the main genres of English. Following are the main genres of English Literature- Fiction Prose Non-fiction Prose Poetry Drama (1) Fiction Prose This genre includes imaginative stories that are told in common & natural language. It is further divided into following categories- Myth:  A myth is a traditional story that … Read more