Problem Play Meaning and Features

Introduction The problem play is a genre of drama that emerged amid the nineteenth century as a major aspect of the more extensive development of realism in human expressions, particularly taking after the advancements of Henrik Ibsen. It manages burning social issues through civil arguments between the characters in front of an audience, who regularly speaks to clashing perspectives inside … Read more

Characteristics of Romantic Literary Criticism

Introduction The Romantic Age in England was not only an age of glorious poetry but also of glorious literary criticism. In fact, most of the eminent men of letters of the age were critics as well as creative writers. Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Hazlitt, Lamb, Leigh Hunt, and De Quincey all contributed to critical literature. But … Read more

What is Criticism in Literature?

Concept of Criticism In simple words, the term criticism can be defined as the analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of literary work. Criticism affirms that we are thinking beings. Every human has the capability of evaluating things around him. E.g. a teacher evaluates his students and vice versa during a class. Thus, criticism comes naturally and … Read more

Elegy Definition and Characteristics

Elegy Definition The word ‘elegy’ comes from the Greek word ‘elegos’ meaning ‘song’. An elegy is a mournful poem about the death of a person or more rarely a group. Elegy can also express a feeling of loss in a broader sense, such as for a way of life or reflection of human morality. Characteristics … Read more

What is Ode Poem

Read this article to know what is ode poem. What is Ode Poem The word ‘Ode’ comes from the Greek word ‘aeidein’ meaning ‘to sing’ or ‘chant’. An Ode is a lyric poem in praise of something or someone. Originally it was accompanied by music & dance but later it was reserved by the Romantic … Read more

What is Lyric Poem in English

What is Lyric Poetry A lyric poem is any fairly short poem uttered by a single speaker, who expresses a state of mind or a process of thought or feeling. Originally, the lyric was used to be sung to the accompaniment of a lyre. The chief quality of a lyric poem is its emotional intensity. … Read more