Ten important points on Kargil war and Kargil Diwas Kargil war took place in 1999 in the Kargil region of Jammu and Kashmir. The war started on 3 May and ended on 26 July 1999. 26 JULY is celebrated as Kargil Diwas.  The day is commemorated as the victory over Pakistan. The Prime Minister and … Read more

10 points about fish in English for Students and Children

Ten lines on Fish A fish is an aquatic animal i.e. it lives underwater and cannot live without it. It is very slippery. It has two eyes, fins, wings etc and many people have aquariums at home where beautiful fishes are kept.  There are hundreds of species of fishes on earth.  A group of fish … Read more

10 lines on Muharram in English for Students and Children

Ten important points on Muharram Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. The meaning of Muharram in Forbidden.  It is the second holiest month after Ramadan.  The 10th day of Muharram is known as Ashura.   Muslim observe fast on 9th and 10th of Muharram.  Hazrat Imam Hussain sacrificed his life in Karbala on … Read more

10 benefits of Dates in English for Students and Children

Ten points on Date fruit Date plant is a variety of palm trees. Date is staple food for middle east countries.  Date trees are found in middle east, Indian subcontinent, North Africa etc There are many varieties of dates. The most famous are Ajuwa, Bejjou, Sukkary. Dates help in lowering the cholesterol.   Eating dates daily … Read more

10 sentences about Banana in English for Students and Children

10 simple lines on banana fruit in English Banana is a type of fruit. It is yellow in colour and very sweet. It is very healthy. It is rich in various vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients. Bananas give you instant energy.  It helps grow strong bones.  It helps fight depression.  It helps in curing many … Read more

10 lines on Mobile phone in English for Students and Children

Ten points on Mobile Phone Mobile phones are also known as cell phones or mobile.  Mobile phones increase communication networks.  A mobile phone now performs the function of a computer called a smartphone.  A smartphone with a camera can be used for video calling, photography, videography.  One can connect with the world with a mobile … Read more

10 lines on Newspaper in English for Students and Children

Ten advantages of Newspaper in English A newspaper is a periodical publication which contains current affairs.  Newspapers are printed on a daily, weekly, monthly bases.  Newspapers are printed in different languages across the world.  It gives information about what is happening near you and around the world and educates you.  A newspaper has various sections … Read more

10 lines on Global Warming in English for Students and Children

Ten points on Global Warming in English The average increase in the average temperature of the earth is called Global Warming.  Global warming led to climate change and rainfall patterns. The increase in emission of CO2 is the main reason.  Due to global warming, there is an increase in rainfall. Global warming led to an … Read more