10 Lines Essay On Drum In English For Students

  1. A drum is an instrument that produces sound when beaten with a drum stick.
  2. They are of various sizes and styles such as modern, classic, cymbals.
  3. Most of the time, they are used by rock artists including solo artists and rock bands etc.
  4. They were also used in battlefields in ancient times to coordinate the activities of troops.
  5. Modern drum sets also used foot levers to produce more intricate and complex sounds.
  6. The person playing drum is known as drummer.
  7. Recent researchs have declared drums as helpful in focussing.
  8. Some of the famous drummers are Travis Barker, Chris Slade etc.
  9. Many computer softwares can now imitate the real drum sounds with upto 99% precision.
  10. Drum practice is used by doctors to improve the motor skills of patients.