10 Lines on Tailor

  1. tailor is also known as a seamster (male), or a seamstress (female).
  2. A tailor is an important part of our society.
  3. He makes our clothes and most women.
  4. He has a sewing machine, scissors, inch-tape, scale, chalks and several clothes and pieces of clothes.
  5. Tailors create beautiful and attractive designs.
  6. They can design all types of clothes including shirts, t-shirts, trousers, etc. 
  7. For women’s clothes, they have hundreds of designs. Hence, they are able to make each and every cloth look unique and different from others. A tailor can also mend the torn clothes or those having the wrong size.
  8. During the marriage seasons, festivals, etc tailor shops are very busy. People wait eagerly for their clothes.
  9. A tailor’s life is very hard. He works day and night to earn his livelihood.
  10. We should always respect our tailors and appreciate their unique designs.