10 Lines on Chair

  1. Chair is an important part of our lives. It is a non-living thing.
  2. It is used to sit on. Chairs are kept in dining room, guest room and even in the normal room.
  3. Students sit on the chair to study. People who work in offices also sit on chairs to work in computer.
  4. It is made up of wood or plastic or even metal. The wood chair is made by carpenter.
  5. It has four legs and two arms and space for sitting which is made up of soft material.
  6. Some chairs have arms while some don’t have. Both are very important.
  7. A chair has many types like sofa, rotating chair which has tires, high-neck chair etc.
  8. Different chairs have different colours like brown, grey, yellow-red etc.
  9. We have chairs in buses, trains, aeroplanes, ships, metros etc.
  10. The chair is very useful for human beings. Without chairs, we will have to sit on the ground.