Hayavadana Summary & Analytics by Girish Karnad in English

Introduction The play Hayavadana is based on the idea that humans are imperfect and thus have a number of limitations. The play also deals with woman’s emancipation. Padmini gives preference to her sexual desires and gets an opportunity to remain with both the persons she loves though fails to fulfil her desire (the mind of her … Read more

Final Solutions Summary by Mahesh Dattani

Act 1 The play Final Solutions opens with Daksha (or Hardika), a newly married girl, writing her diary (on March 31, 1948). In the diary, she writes about her experience in her new house. She is not of good opinions regarding her in-laws. Though India had gained independence, yet she is imprisoned within the four … Read more

All for Love by John Dryden Summary

Introduction The play All for Love by John Dryden is a subverted version of Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra. However, in spite of having a close similarity to Shakespeare’s play, it differs to a great extent because of its themes and concerns. To fully understand the background of the play, it is recommended to read Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar … Read more

Summary of Philaster by Beaumont and Fletcher

Act 1 The play opens in a chamber of Philaster’s palace. Dion, Claremont and Thrasiline, his loyal noblemen, are talking about the current situation of Sicily (where the plot is laid). It is revealed by their discussion that King of Calabria has usurped the rule of Sicily from the father of Philaster (now dead). But … Read more

A Woman Killed With Kindness by Thomas Heywood

Act 1 Master Frankford and his wife Anne Frankford are celebrating their marriage ceremony along with a number of nears and dears. Some of them compliment and praise the beauty and devoutness of Anne to her husband and consider their couple to be the perfect combination. They sing and dance. Mr and Mrs Frankford leave. … Read more

The Way of the World Summary by William Congreve

This article needs revision. Please watch the video before going through it. Marriage of Servants Play starts in the chocolate house where Mirabell and Fainall are sitting. A man comes and tells Mirabell that Whitwell, the servant of Mirabell and Foible, the female servant of Lady Wishfort were married that morning. Mirabell tells Fainall about … Read more

A Midsummer Night Dream Characters

Theseus He is the Duke of Athens who is going to marry Hippolyta whom he has won in a battle. He appears only in the beginning and end of the play. He is a rational and practical. His decisions are backed by logic. Hippolyta She is the legendary queen of Amazons who is going to … Read more

Characters in the Play Candida

Candida: She is the main character of the play. She is a woman of 33. She is very attractive & has a charming personality. She knows well to use her beauty to get her ends. She is the wife of James Morell & mother of two children. James Morell: He is the husband of Candida. … Read more

Macbeth Characters List

Read this article to know about Macbeth characters. Macbeth Characters List King Duncan: He is the king of Scotland. He is very gentle and kind. He has two sons, Malcolm and Donalbain. He has grown old now & is going to make his son (Malcolm) the heir of throne. Malcolm: He is the son of Duncan. … Read more