A Midsummer Night Dream Characters


He is the Duke of Athens who is going to marry Hippolyta whom he has won in a battle. He appears only in the beginning and end of the play. He is a rational and practical. His decisions are backed by logic.


She is the legendary queen of Amazons who is going to marry Theseus.


He is the father of Hermia. Because of his strict nature, he takes his daughter to Theseus to make her agree to marry to Demetrius or otherwise kill her.


Daughter of Egeus. She loves Lysander, but her father insists her to marry to Demetrius.


She is a young woman in Athens. She is in love with Demetrius. Initially, both loved each other, but when Demetrius met Helena’s friend Hermia, he fell in love with her and thus abandoned Helena.

Lacking confidence in her looks, Helena thinks that Demetrius and Lysander are mocking her when the fairies’ mischief causes them to fall in love with her.


He loves Hermia, but Hermia’ father doesn’t want his daughter to be married to him. Later, Puck, the mischievous spirit puts the magic juice in his eyes with a mistake and he falls in love with Helena and remains so until the effect of magical juice vanishes.


He was initially in love with Helena but now wants to marry Hermia under the consent of Egeus.


He is called Robin Good-fellow. He is a ghost and servant of Oberon (the king of fairies). He is known for his mischievous nature. He creates a lot of trouble in the drama.


The king of fairies. He is initially in a quarrel with his wife Titania over an Indian-born boy. He orders Puck to put the magical juice in the eyes of Titania so that she might fall in love with the one whom she sees first in the woods.


Wife of Oberon. Initially, she is in a quarrel with her husband Oberon as she does not wish to give the Indian born boy to him, but later she gives him at last. Due to the magical juice, she falls in love with Bottom, whom Puck has made ass-like on the order of Oberon.

Nick Bottom

He was assumed to play a role in the play that was to be played on the marriage of Theseus. While he is sleeping in the woods after practice, Puck makes his face like that of ass.

Seeing him in this condition, his companions run away. He is also the first person, whom Titania sees first and thus falls in love with him. Later, Puck makes his face again that of human and he is united with his friends.

Francis Flute

Actor of the play that was to be played in the marriage of Theseus.

Robin Starveling

Actor of the play who was assumed to play in the marriage of Theseus.

Tom Snout

Actor of the play who was assumed to play in the marriage of Theseus.


Actor of the play who was assumed to play in the marriage of Theseus


Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Mote, and Mustardseed :