Julius Caesar Characters by William Shakespeare

Julius Caesar

The King of Rome who has just defeated the sons of Pompey. He has some virtues as well as some vices. He loves his subjects. He has great love & respect for his friends like Brutus, Mark Antony etc. He doesn’t believe in superstitions except some that are prevalent.

But has some bad qualities also that go hand in hand. He boasts himself very much. He doesn’t listen to anybody. He shows little consideration for his wife. He is murdered in Act 3 Scene 1 of the play because of his own defects.

Marcus Brutus

He is a close friend of Julius Caesar. He is rightly said to be the noblest of all the Romans by Antony. He is a Stoic Philosopher. He is a realist rather than a realist. He has no experience of the realities of life.

Cassius easily poisons his mind against Julius Caesar. Due to his excess of idealism, he commits many mistakes & ultimately suicides at the end of the play.

Caius Cassius

He is the villain of the play. He is the mastermind of the conspiracy against Julius Caesar. Unlike Brutus, he is a realist. He knows how to act differently in different situations.

But in spite of being the villain, he has some virtues as well. He respects his friends. He hands over the charge of conspiracy to Brutus & he himself assumes a secondary position in it. He agrees even to the wrong decisions of Brutus that become the cause of their tragic death.

Mark Antony

His significance arises in the play only after the death of Julius Caesar. He has a great love for Julius Caesar. He is cunning as well. It is none but Antony who excites the mob to kill the conspirators of Julius Caesar. He is a great military commander as well. He succeeds in defeating Cassius on the battlefield.


He is a member of the conspirator’s group. He is very superstitious. Cassius succeeds in poisoning him against Julius Caesar only by interpreting his superstitious dream in the wrong way.

Other Characters

  • Calpurnia: The wife of Julius Caesar.
  • Portia: The wife of Brutus.
  • Cinna: The Conspirator
  • Cinna: The Poet
  • Flavius & Marullus
  • Octavius

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