Characters in the Play Candida

  1. Candida: She is the main character of the play. She is a woman of 33. She is very attractive & has a charming personality. She knows well to use her beauty to get her ends. She is the wife of James Morell & mother of two children.
  2. James Morell: He is the husband of Candida. He is a healthy man of 40. He is a clergyman. He is also a socialist & an active member of the Guild of St. Mathews & Christian Socialist Union. He is a well ornate & is very popular. Every Sunday he delivers the lecture at the Church. He is constantly invited to different places for delivering lectures. Hence he hardly has time for himself.
  3. Eugene Marchbanks: He is the nephew of an Earl. He is a young boy of 18. He is a poet. He is very shy. Later on in the play, he falls in love with Candida, who is 10 years older than him.
  4. Alexander Mill (Lexy): He is curate to James Morell. He has just graduated from Oxford University. He has great respect for James Morell.
  5. Miss Proserpine Garnett (Prossy): She is the typist of James Morell. She is about 30 years old. She is secretly in love with James Morell.
  6. Burgess: He is the father of Candida. He is old & greedy. Previously he was a petty trader but became rich by making the workers of his factory work more & also by paying the lowest possible wages. He has no value for relations. He seeks for profit in everything.
  7. Other Characters These characters have no role in the play. They are found only in the talks. They are Children of Candida and Maria (the maid of Candida).

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