The Proposal Characters by Anton Chekov

Table of Contents


She is a young and beautiful woman. She is good at homemaking and also intelligent in other affairs. However, she is also argumentative and often gets into petty quarrels. She is also aware of her loneliness and longs for Ivan.

She wants to marry him and loves him immensely. She is proud of her dog and property and ends up fighting with Ivan on the issue of ownership. In the end, she dials her pride back and confesses her love for Ivan. Their fight ends up in a happy marriage.


Stephan is an old person who takes pride in his possessions. He is also a worried father as he has one unmarried daughter to take care of. He is excited about the match of Ivan with her daughter as he regards Ivan in the same social setting.

He suffers from spells of anger and pride and almost kills Ivan by causing him to faint. However, in the end, he realizes his mistake and asks Ivan to marry his daughter and bless the young couple to live a happy marital life.


Ivan is a lonely man who desperately wants a happy. He does not love Natalya but considers her a good woman to marry. He praises her appearance and homemaking skills.

However, he does not know how to confess her desire to marry her and takes a lot of time to make a straight proposal to her father. He ends up getting into petty disputes with his neighbors.

He even insults Natalya, the woman he wants to marry, and her father Stephan. He also suffers from a weak heart and ends up losing consciousness. When the doctor revives him, he decides to marry Natalya straight away.