Short Essay on Charminar in English

Charminar means four minarets is a beautiful piece of architecture located in Hyderabad in Telangana, India. It is located at the heart of Hyderabad city. It is one of the most famous historical monuments of India. It was built by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah in 1591.

Some believe that it was built to celebrate the end of a deadly plague. Charminar is known as “Arc De Triumph of the East” symbolises Hyderabad.

Charminar is a square-shaped structure. It is built with minarets which are 56 meters high. It has four minarets. It has a giant-sized clock on every side. It also includes a Wazu Khana in the middle where people wash their face and hands before going for prayer. It also has a fountain at the centre of the Mosque.

It is believed that the four minarets stand for Islam’s first four Khalifas. The mosque in the Charminar is located on the top floor. During the Qutb Shahi period the first floor was used as Madarsa.

Charminar is very beautiful. The structure of it is very huge. From the top of the Charminar, the whole city is visible. It feels really amazing to watch the whole view. The whole Hyderabad city is built around the great beautiful Charminar. Wherever you stand you can see roads are getting out of Charminar into the city.

There is a huge market which surrounds the Charminar. The market is known as Laad Bazaar. It is known for its jewellery, especially the beautiful bangles. Also, the Patther Gatti is famous for its pearls. Sarojini Naidu has written a poem on it “In The Bazaars of Hyderabad”.

Charminar holds an important part in the history of Hyderabad. It is a symbol of Hyderabad. Its beauty and large impressive structure attract visitors from all around the world.

Questions on Charminar

What is Charminar made of?

It is made of marble, Granite, Limestone and mortar.

What is meant by Charminar?

Charminar means four Minar ( Minarets)

How many years old is Charminar?

Charminar was built in 1591 its almost 429-year-old structure.

Who built Hyderabad?

 Qutb Shahi Ruler Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah built the Hyderabad city in 1951.

What is the height of Charminar?

56 meter high.