Easter Wings Poem by George Herbert Summary, Notes and Line by Line Explanation in English for Students

Introduction  George Herbert’s ‘Easter Wings’ is a straightforward but profound Christian poem on the fall of man and the speaker’s desire to ascend. The poet highlights the speaker’s experience of falling and rising by utilising the form of a bird’s wings. The speaker of the poem opens by talking about Adam’s creation and the creation … Read more

Redemption Poem By George Herbert Summary, Notes And Line By Line Analysis In English

Introduction: ‘Redemption’ is a poem written by George Herbert. It revolves around the Christian belief of redemption and salvation.   About the Poet: George Herbert (1593-1633) was an eminent English poet. He was also a priest. Famous work includes “The Collar”, “The Temple”, and “Redemption”.  Quatrain 1: Having been tenant long to a rich lord, Not … Read more