The Selfish Giant Analysis by Oscar Wilde

Symbolism The Giant symbolizes the arrogance of human beings who feel that they control fate. The snow and winter represents emotions of anger and hatred that Giant felt toward other. The spring represents happiness and forgiveness. TH small child symbolizes divine intervention and help for those who show compassion and love. The small children represent … Read more

The Selfish Giant Summary by Oscar Wilde

Story of a Gaint The story shows how love and care can melt the hardest of hearts and cultivate emotions when there seems to be none. In the story, an intimidating giant gets completely transformed when touched by the innocence and beautiful smiles of young children. The creature loved his luscious garden full of spring … Read more

A Shocking Accident Summary by Graham Greene

Introduction The story is about a child who has a difficult life where he loses his parents at a very young age. Confused and devastated he goes through the barbs of ridicule and insults at school and becomes afraid of social opinion. An Orphan Jerome is a shy kid since the death of his mother. … Read more

The Monkey’s Paw Characters

Sergeant-Morris He is a strapping army officer with a penchant for storytelling and traveling. He is intrigued by the mysterious and exotic things and especially loves his stays in India. He is the one who brings the paw and is most likely the last person to use it before Mr. White. He is aware of … Read more

The Monkey’s Paw Analysis by W.W. Jacobs

This is a horror-fiction that employs third-person voice for narration. It is filled with dread, foreboding, tragedy and a sense of loss and desolation. The main conflict in the story is between Mr. White’s desire to fulfill his wishes and the monkey’s paw that can either be his prosperity or ruin his family and life. … Read more

The Last Lesson Themes by Alphonse Daudet

School & Learning The story also emphasizes the need for education and learning through schools and otherwise. Mr. Hamel in his final lecture prioritizes the point learning and disseminating knowledge. He believes knowledge is the real power than can uplift and empower the defenseless people of Alsace. Franz also realizes the error of his ways when he … Read more