The Happy Prince Themes by Oscar Wilde

Affection The central theme of the story is affection. The affection that the Prince feels for his people is taken forward by the Swallow. The affection between Swallow and the Prince develops into a full-blown romance. Even though the Swallow wants to leave the place, it is bound by this love and the growing warmth … Read more

The Happy Prince Analysis by Oscar Wilde

Symbolism The dead statue and lead heart are symbol of lifeless appearance. However, looks can be deceiving and we find the Prince more compassionate than  he was ever as living ruler. Reed is used as symbol of fleeting pleasures of material beauty. There is mention of foreign and exotic places like Egypt which are held … Read more

The Sermon at Benares Summary

Story of Buddha The story is based on the legend of Gautama Buddha who became an enlightened saint after years of contemplation and reflection. Born in a royal family he was given the name of Siddhartha. After getting married he became his household life however we were never satisfied. He was perturbed by the sights … Read more

The Selfish Giant Themes by Oscar Wilde

Arrogance The Giant represents the human vices of arrogance and greed. The Giant is proud of his garden and wants to enjoy it all on its own. He refuses even innocent children to enter it and find them annoying. Due to his heart filled with arrogance, he does not feel affection toward anyone and lives … Read more

The Selfish Giant Analysis by Oscar Wilde

Symbolism The Giant symbolizes the arrogance of human beings who feel that they control fate. The snow and winter represents emotions of anger and hatred that Giant felt toward other. The spring represents happiness and forgiveness. TH small child symbolizes divine intervention and help for those who show compassion and love. The small children represent … Read more

The Selfish Giant Summary by Oscar Wilde

Story of a Gaint The story shows how love and care can melt the hardest of hearts and cultivate emotions when there seems to be none. In the story, an intimidating giant gets completely transformed when touched by the innocence and beautiful smiles of young children. The creature loved his luscious garden full of spring … Read more

A Shocking Accident Summary by Graham Greene

Introduction The story is about a child who has a difficult life where he loses his parents at a very young age. Confused and devastated he goes through the barbs of ridicule and insults at school and becomes afraid of social opinion. An Orphan Jerome is a shy kid since the death of his mother. … Read more