The Selfish Giant Summary by Oscar Wilde

Story of a Gaint

The story shows how love and care can melt the hardest of hearts and cultivate emotions when there seems to be none.

In the story, an intimidating giant gets completely transformed when touched by the innocence and beautiful smiles of young children. The creature loved his luscious garden full of spring and colorful blossoms. The sunshine lit up the setting like a visage from paradise itself.

But he had to leave and stay with his friend for several years. He enjoyed his stay at his friend’s place while neighborhood kids had frolicked in his garden. The kids loved to make mischief making the garden come alive with gay abandon and laughter.

The Giant Returns

After ending his stay at his friend’s place the giant reenters his premises to a strange commotion. He found the neighborhood kids making merriment in the place. He became disgruntled by their presence. He did not want anyone else to savor its beauty. He also built a restricting fence around his garden to discourage anyone trespassing into his garden.

Then, the Giant waited inside his castle to welcome the blossoms of the spring. However, the spring did not appear even after a long winter. Instead, there were chilly winds, hail, frost and blanketing snow.

Cold Garden

The garden became a cold, dry and ugly place. The Giant could not understand the situation as the rest of the places enjoyed enriching sunshine and plentiful fruits and blooming flowers. He became sad and morose.

One day, he heard some commotion. The children were back making fun in the sun. He was excited to see spring and sunshine again. But he saw a child was struggling to find his way to the top of a tree in one cold spot.

The Giant’s heart melted and he helped the kid. As soon as the child smiled, the tree became resplendent with flowers and was touched by the spring instantly. The boy hugged the Giant. The rest of the children were emboldened by the sight. They all joined them. 

One Boy Missing

The garden gates were flung open for the kids at all times. But there was one person missing from the action, the boy at the tree. The Giant enquired about him but to no avail. The Giant felt disappointed as he never came back, his first friend.

The garden became a sight to behold thereon in. The children loved the Giant. Gradually years passed and he could only sit and gander at the kids. In his heart, he longed to see the little child once more.

Then one day, a miracle happened as he the little boy covered in the shade of a flowering tree. The Giant leaped with delight. When he held him in his hands, he realized it was Jesus who had come to take him to the perennial garden in the sky.

When the kids returned, they saw the giant resting in the abode of blooms. He was finally at peace in the eternal gardens, where the spring never ends.