Sea Of Poppies Poem By Amitav Ghosh Summary, Notes, And Line By Line Analysis In English

Introduction: “Sea of Poppies” is a historical novel written by Indian novelist Amitav Ghosh, published in 2008. The story is set in the mid-19th century, and it follows a diverse group of characters whose lives are intertwined by the opium trade between India and China. About the Author: Amitav Ghosh (1965-) is a notable Indian … Read more

Indian English Dramatists

Rabindranath Tagore He was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature and was entitled as “the epitome of Indian Spiritual Heritage”. He wrote primarily in Bengali, but most of his plays were translated into English. His best-known works are Chitra, Sacrifice, The Post Office, The Cycle of Spring etc. Tagore was first to use symbolism and … Read more