Healthy Life – Pedro Pablo Sacristan Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 7th


This chapter tells us a story about health and disease. Seeing humans be healthy and happy, a group of evil witches come together to create a potion that makes people ill and unhealthy. However, an intelligent doctor soon finds a way to cure the disease caused by the witches.


The Witches– a group of witches who plan to make an evil potion

The Little Boy– a little boy who accidentally drinks the witches’ potion

Doctor Fitton-Healthy– a doctor who finds the cure to the disease caused by the potion

The Witches and Their Plan

Many years ago, everyone was strong and healthy. They ate a lot of fruits and vegetables. They also exercised daily. The earth was a very healthy place, and both adults and children were happy.

This made a witch angry. She told all witches to come together and make a potion. Whoever drank it would lose the desire to live. At night all the witches gathered in the forest. During the collection of energy to make the potion, one of the witches made a mistake.

So, there was a big explosion that destroyed the forest. This turned all the witches into tiny germ-like creatures. They were trapped in a small bottle in a swamp.

The Little Boy Drinks the Potion

One day, a little boy found this bottle and drank the liquid inside. They witches took advantage of the situation and changed the boy’s likes and dislikes. Soon the boy did not want to eat any fruits and vegetables. He just wanted to order pizza and burger. He did not feel like walking, running, or playing. He stopped going out of the house and became ill.

The witches also learned to jump from one person to another like a virus. The evil potion’s effect became the disease of wasting life.

Doctor Fitton-Healthy Finds the Cure

After a long time, Doctor Fitton-Healthy used his microscope to find out that the little witches were causing this disease. The best cure turned out to be an effort to live a happy and healthy life. The witches left the body as soon as a person became healthy.

So, the best remedy was not medicine or injections, but a little bit of effort to eat fruits and vegetables, and to do some exercise. Whoever came to see Doctor Fitton-Healthy and took his advice, ended up being cured of the wasting life disease.


This story tells us how important eating well and exercising are. We must eat lots of fruits and vegetables and exercise properly to stay healthy. It is very easy to waste away our life, but even a little effort to stay healthy goes a long way.