The Dream Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 7th

The Old Woman

The story “The Dream” revolves around the dream of an old woman, who used her intelligence only to do good to others all her life. The story begins with her dream,in which she saw that she was dead. After her death, she could see two ornamental gates with arches which looked same. She could see pathways beyond the gate. As she continued towards the gate she heard a invisible but powerful voice warning that one of the guard at the gate is a liar. The old woman wanted to go in the pathway of heaven but the warning came back to her.

The Mystery

She planned to find out the truth from the guard. Being witty, she framed a question beautifully and carefully. She went to the first guard and asked him what would that other guard say to her if she asked him which is the heaven’s gate?

The other guard smiled and pointed towards his gate and said that he would show this old warner came to know that he was a liar, as the truthful man had reported. The truthful man would only report to her the liar’s exact words, and the liar would twist the truthful man’s words. From this she successfully knew the heaven’s gate through her intelligence, she woke up and thought of telling this puzzle to 7th class students and the same night she died peacefully in her sleep.