A Soldier’s Son Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 7th


The story “A soldier’s son” revolves around a young and brave boy named Maqbool, whose ambition was to become a soldier after growing up. This story highlights bravery through Maqbool, a courageous twelve-year-old boy, who saw a plane shot by enemy fire and the pilot, parachute down from the flaming plane. When the boy asked if he could help, the pilot asked him to deliver a packet of papers to the commanding officer of the army unit at Air force station, Ambala. He further asked Maqbool to be aware of the enemies.

Ambitious Maqbool.

When Maqbool got worried and asked the pilot what if the enemy catches him. To this, the pilot ensured Maqbool not to worry about him as he would manage to escape and would distract the enemies. He commanded Maqbool to run and hand over the packet. The boy accepted the command and went on his mission by saluting the Pilot.

The man could not help smiling although he was frowning with the pain of his injuries. He began to crawl away from the boy in the opposite direction. The small figure rushed across the open space back to the trees from which it had emerged.

However, the enemy had seen him and a few of them even gave a chase and shot at him. The child ran fast and was lost to sight. The enemy gave up and turned their attention to the crawling Pilot.

Courage over Fear

He finally delivered the packet of papers to the commander and also helped to trace the enemies. When the boy said seriously that he had to carry the orders given by the pilot and that he knew the enemy lines, he knew the place where the pilot fell, and also he can guide them to go by a short cut and also informed that the enemies came on foot so that jeeps will be able to surround them and catch them.

The Instructions given by the boy like a well-trained soldier made the commander humorous and the commanding officer said smilingly, “Instructions noted, Sir, action will be taken”.

Finally, the enemy soldiers were surrounded by jeeps and they surrendered. On further inquiry by the Commanding officer, the boy introduced himself as Maqbool Butt. He informed that his father, who died fighting for the nation, was awarded a medal for bravery. So, he was living with his mother at that place alone.

He further told that his father had guided him not to be afraid of the enemy as they cannot do anything if his number was not written on the bullet. The boy suddenly crumpled down all as the enemy fire had hit his leg and blood was dripping on the ground. Still, the boy smiled at the officer and said “A soldier never weeps, Sir”.

Maqbool also informed that his father, a PVC awardee said that, “a soldier never runs from the enemy and one must face the bullets even when they tear his chest to shreds.” Commander admired him saying that he was proud of him and hope someday he will lead the army with same the courage and bravery.