A Letter From a Mother Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 7th


The Lesson “A Letter from a mother” is written by Mary Anna Cain. The letter highlights the emotions of a mother for her daughter Poonam who was studying in a residential school. The mother says that being apart may be a good thing as it makes her put into words those things which she feels but do not say.

They understood each other with few words spoken to each other. But now her daughter is away from home but soon she will become independent and will be ready to fly away like a bird. The mother expresses that she will be overjoyed to see her daughter as strong and confident even though it is sorrowful to be apart from her daughter.

The Mother says that she will be pleased to see her daughter grow up strong-minded and persistent. She was not easily discouraged, even when she didn’t succeed at first. She reminds her daughter how she couldn’t do her multiplication tables and the teacher was going faster than her daughter could manage and she felt bad for not being able to keep up. But she had made her own study cards and asked her mother and father to help her. After that, she independently solved her own problems but also was responsible. enough to think through her problems and ask for help to learn.

A Mother’s Advice

The mother also writes that she was able to understand that her daughter was in new surroundings at the hostel and it was very different from that of home. She advises her daughter to carefully look after herself because no one would care about her comforts.

She advises her daughter to speak up and ask the hostel warden what she needed and at the same time help others to help themselves. If she felt homesick, she should help someone else through their homesickness, which can make her feel better. The Mother firmly believes that her daughter will make the best experience of her hostel life. She urges her daughter not to be afraid to try new activities or make friends with new people. Finally, she advises her daughter to look after her own happiness instead of depending on others. She also asks her daughter to look after others’ welfare also.

The Mother is confident that her daughter is capable of such a responsibility, as she had always done it before. She asks her daughter to be careful enough to not let her new surrounding confuse her too much. In the end, she asks her to write back to her at the earliest.