Dear Grandma and Grandpa Poem Summary and Line by Line Explanation in English Class 7th

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In this poem, the poet talks about what our grandparents mean to us. They show us love and kindness and never fail to make us happy. The rhyme scheme of the poem is aabbccddee.


When we are with you, we always have fun,
You make us feel we’re your special ones!
We can tell by the kindness in your smiles,
You recall how things look through the eyes of a child.
If we really need a hug or two,
We know that we can depend on you.
Giving hugs is what grandparents do best,
And you do it better than all the rest!
Here is a secret, and it is true-
Grandma and Grandpa, our hearts belong to you!

The poet says that when people are with their grandparents, they always have fun. Grandparents make us feel like we are their special ones. The kindness in their smiles when they look at us tells us that they can remember how things look through the eyes of a child. So, they remember and relive their own childhood through us.

We know we can depend on our grandparents if we really need a hug or twoGiving hugs is what grandparents do best, and they do it better than everyone else. The poet tells us about a secret which is true. The secret is that everyone’s hearts belong to their grandma and grandpa. So, everyone loves their grandparents the most.


No one loves us more than our grandparents. They always make us feel special and happy, and give the best hugs. We love them the most.