Mountain Climbing Poem Summary and Line by Line Explanation in English Class 7th


This poem talks about the experience of climbing a high mountain. It is very hard to climb a mountain, and the path is full of difficulties. However, the feeling when one reaches the top of the mountain is incredible. The poem is written in free verse.

Stanza 1- 2

Through the mist
up the winding road
to the mountain high
I did climb.
Eager I walk
over stones and dust
higher and higher
lost in my mind.

The poet says that she climbed the high mountain through the mist and up the winding road. Eagerly she walked over stones and dusthigher and higher up the mountain, lost in her mind. Although there were many difficulties, she only had her goal in her mind and kept going.

Stanza 3- 4

Legs aching
from the assent
chest rising and falling
'tis not easy I find.
reaching for the sky
searching the blue
clouds cover eyes blind.

She says she found that climbing the mountain is not easy. Her legs were aching as she went up, and her chest was rising and falling because of the exhaustion of the journey. She was breathless reaching for the sky above the peak of the mountain. She was searching for this blue sky, although clouds cover eyes and make them blind until one reaches the very top.

Stanza 5- 6

Stumbling now
stones loose
muscles grow numb
tackling the incline.
Apex reached
breathless fascination
the world beneath me mine.

While climbing the mountain, she stumbled on loose stones sometimes. Her muscles grew numb as her body adjusted to the incline or the slope of the mountain. When she reached the apex or the peak, breathless fascination overtook her. The world beneath her had been conquered by her. It seemed that it belonged to her now because she was on top of the world on the peak of the mountain.


Climbing a mountain is not an easy task, but the poet keeps going till she reaches the top. Similarly, we should keep going till we reach our goal in life, no matter what difficulties we face.