Nest with Grandparents Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 7th


This story talks about Anjali and her grandparents. Anjali has to give up her room because her grandparents come to live with her family. So, she is very angry at them. However, she soon gets used to their presence in the house and even grows to love it.


Anjali– an only child who does not like to share things

Dada and Dadi– Anjali’s grandparents

Amma and Papa– Anjali’s parents

Anjali’s Grandparents Come to Live Together with them

Anjali asked her mother why she was removing all her things from the cupboard. She replied that her grandparents needed some place for keeping their things. Anjali asked why she should give up everything just because her grandparents were coming to live with them. 

Her mother said she was not giving up everything. She was only going to sleep on the sofa in the hall and her things would be taken elsewhere. Anjali’s grandparents had recently sold off all their land in the little village. Dada was too old to run the farm all by himself. He had been requested by Anjali’s father to come and live with them. 

Anjali enjoyed meeting her grandparents during her holidays, but she was not happy giving up her room for them. Anjali was an only child who did not like sharing things. So, when her grandparents came, Anjali was in a fussy, irritating, bratty mood. She would not talk much and pretended to always watch TV. 

They all had to adjust to a new routine. The grandparents woke up much before everyone else did and that made things weird. Dadi was always doing some puja and objected to different food on different days. They would not go to restaurants or theatres and did not enjoy shopping just for fun. They were conservative about clothes, thought pop music was noise and that ice-creams were bad for health. The TV programmes they watched were very boring.

Anjali Grows to Love their Stay

As the days passed, Anjali’s anger reduced because they were so kind. Dadi stopped commenting on her clothes. The TV was shared by everyone. Dada helped Anjali with her projects and got Anjali into the habit of reading the newspaper. 

Anjali’s mother worked in an office and she left along with her father every morning. Breakfast was always cornflakes, and tiffin was usually sandwiches. And when her mother got back in the evening, she was so tired that cooking food was never fun. But now Dadi had taken over cooking. She was a fantastic cook and made many tasty things.

Then one day the grandparents announced that they were thinking of going to Rita’s place for some time. Anjali excitedly asked if she could have her room back then. Anjali was scolded a lot by her parents later. Soon, they were a nuclear family again. But it was not a very happy situation.

There was no one to come home to but the TV. There was no one to talk to. Her mother was again overworked with no time for anything, or anybody. The noise and bustle of one big happy family had faded into silence.

When the phone rang the next night, Anjali ran and picked it up to ask her grandparents when they were coming back.


Our grandparents are they best. They always try to make our lives better. A family is always the happiest when with grandparents around because they always shower us with their love and care.