Three Questions Class 7 Short Summary & Explanation in English


A king wanted to know the answers to some questions. He visited a religious man to know the answers.

The Questions

A king wanted to know the answer to three questions. ‘What is the right time to begin something, which people should he listen to and what is the most important thing for him to do?’

He announced rewards for anyone who could answer these questions. Different people came to answer. For the first question, many people suggested that he should go to magicians, and some people told him to make a timetable.

For the second question, some people told him that his councilors were important. Others suggested priests. Instead of listening to those people, the king decided to visit a famous hermit known for his wisdom.

The Hermit

The king asked him the same three questions, but he did not reply. The king also helped him in digging, but no answer came from the older man. Suddenly a bearded man came from behind running with a wound in his stomach. 


The king dressed his wound until the bleeding stopped. The bearded man felt better and told the king that he swore revenge on the king as he had killed his brother. But as he was hiding, the king’s bodyguard saw and wounded him. Now that the king has saved his life, the bearded man decided to serve the king as the most faithful servant along with his sons. The king was happy about making peace with his enemy.  


Before going away, the king again asked the hermit about the answer, and the hermit replied that he has already been answered. He told the king that the most important time to do a thing is ‘now.’ Had the king not helped him in digging, the bearded man would’ve killed him.

So the most important person for him was the hermit at that time. Now that he had saved the bearded man and cared for him all night. The most important man for him was the bearded man and the most important time was the night.