Meadow Surprises Poem Class 7 Summary Stanza Wise & Explanation in English


In the poem Meadow Surprises, the poet talks about the surprises when we may encounter while walking in the meadows. We may find a butterfly or a rabbit or even an ant. Meadows have ample of surprises for us to explore. The poem comprises of 24 lines.



Lines 1-8

Meadows have surprises,
You can find them if you look:
Walk softly through the velvet grass,
And listen by the brook.
You may see a butterfly
Rest upon a buttercup
And unfold its drinking straws
To sip the nectar up.

According to the poet, meadows have surprises for us. We can only find those surprises if we look carefully. While walking gently through the velvet (silk)-like grass and listening to the brook (small river). we may find a butterfly sitting on a buttercup (i.e. a flower) and taking out its drinking straws (its antennas) to drink the nectar.

Lines 9-16

You may scare a rabbit
Who is sitting very still;
Though at first you may not see him,
When he hops you will.
A dandelion whose fuzzy head
Was golden days ago
Has turned to airy parachutes
That flutter when you blow.

While walking in the meadows we may scare a rabbit that was sitting still. We wont see it in the first sight but when it hops and jumps, we will notice it. In the meadows, we will find dandelion (a kind of grass) whose fuzzy (wool-like) top was golden some days ago fly in the air like parachutes when we blow air.

Lines 17-24

Explore the meadow houses,
The burrows in the ground,
A nest beneath tall grasses,
The ant’s amazing mound.
Oh! Meadows have surprises
And many things to tell;
You may discover these yourself,
If you look and listen well.

We may also find burrows in the ground and even nests. We may find a mound i.e. a small structure build by ants. According to the poet, meadows have many surprises for us and many things to tell. We may be able to discover them if we look carefully.

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