Mystery of the Talking Fan Poem Class 7 Summary Stanza Wise & Explanation in English


In this poem a child talks about a fan which made noise. Seeing the fan making too much noise, he tried to understand what it is saying. Soon someone put oil into it and all its noise and chattering went away. It started running still as water.



Poem Text

Once there was a talking fan —
Electrical his chatter.
I couldn’t quite hear what he said
And I hope it doesn’t matter
Because one day somebody oiled
His little whirling motor
And all the mystery was spoiled —
He ran as still as water.


In the poem, the speaker is a young and innocent child. He talks about a talking fan whose chatter (noise) was electrical. The child is unable to understand what the fan is trying to say. However it doesn’t matter because one day someone put oil into its little whirling (rotating) motor and whole mystery (chatter of fan) was spoiled. Now, the fan started running as still and quiet as water.

In other words, a child finds a fan making too much noise. He becomes curious and tries to understand what the fan is trying to say. But his struggle is ruined because someone puts oil into fan’s motor and it runs as silent as water.

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