The Tiny Teacher Class 7 Short Summary & Explanation in English


This chapter introduces us to the tiniest wise creature that exists on earth. It tells about the disciplined lives that ants lead. It shows how hardworking, dedicated and intelligent ants are. 


We have seen many tiny creatures like the fly, mosquito and the worm. But the tiniest and also the wisest of them is the ant. Ants inhabit a world of their own and it is as much well-organized as that of humans. They live in small groups like humans live in communities. 

Ants live in homes called anthills. Many ants live and work together in an anthill. They use their antennae to communicate with fellow ants. Each ant performs an assigned role and does not disturb the set order of works. The ants organise their groups into workers, soldiers, builders and cleaners. There is a separate room for the queen ant to lay eggs. 

The young ones of the ants are called grubs, who too have separate nurseries. While the soldier ants gaurd the grubs, it is the duty of the worker ants to feed them and keep them clean. The ants not only coexist peacefully in their anthills but also allow creatures like beetles or the greenfly to live with them. This way they utilise the honeydew given by the greenfly just like humans use the cow’s milk. 


This interesting account of the lives of the ants is fascinating and inspiring. Though small in size, these creatures are not only wise and disciplined, but also have a shared sense of work and responsibility. Ants are indeed the tiny teachers whose lives teach lessons of hard work, duty, cleanliness and peaceful coexistence.